Rock Formations

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Things to Do in Elko, Nevada

Find the next great piece in your collection when you go rockhounding in Nevada. Amateur and experienced geologists alike will enjoy making mineral discoveries around Elko. Bring a geologist’s hammer with you as you pry into millennia worth of geologic formations. Make this fun family-friendly activity part of your next visit to the Ramada Elko Hotel and Casino.

Four miles just up the road from Elko on Highway 225 you’ll find a black shale pit to the east; while here look for crinoids, brachiopods, corals and ammonites in the limestone layer.

On Bullion Road in the Calcedony area to the south is the place for gray to carnelian colored chalcedony and agate stones. Follow Bullion Road west for five miles and then south for two miles.

West in the Merrimac District look for copper, lead, zinc, magnetite and tungsten minerals. There are many old mines around Lone Mountain, but check claim statuses before departing. To get there, travel 21 miles north of Elko on Highway 225 and then turn west at either Dinner Station or Fox Springs Ranch.

Find fossils on the round orange hills in Ferdelford Canyon. Drive 13 miles south of the city of Carlin on Highway 278 and then east before Pine Mountain. Look for crinoids, brachiopods and corals on the north side of the road just before the cliffs.

The Larrabee Mining District features barite and calcite and can be found after traveling 27 miles on Highway 278, turning left toward Indian Pony Road and continuing on to coordinates 40.337758, -116.018072.