History of Roulette

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History of Roulette

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Roulette is a classic casino game played the world over, yet its exact origins remain hard to pinpoint. You may be surprised to learn that some credit 14th century monks with the invention of a wheel-based game to relieve their monotony. Others trace its origins to Blaise Pascal, a French mathematician and inventor who was attempting to build a perpetual motion machine around 1655. Northern Nevada casinos offer roulette and many of the casinos in the area.

While his undertaking would prove to be impossible, French casinos would adopt a similar device for their own purposes about a hundred years later. (Indeed, the word Roulette comes from the French for "little wheel".) Another significant change came from their neighbors in Monaco. Facing financial troubles, King Charles III of Monaco added a green 0 to the wheel's other 36. This slot was held for the bank: all other bets lose, though the 0 itself gives an accordingly high payout. The King's act was well-timed: as other European countries began to prohibit gambling, Monaco's casino at Monte Carlo would attract much attention and develop a famously upscale reputation to match.

Still, even Monte Carlo wasn't the only place where roulette would develop. As the game spread to remote corners of the American west, the need for simple rules and fair play would help bring about the relatively pared-back style we know today. With its mix of calculable odds and just-elusive forces that decide in the heat of the moment, it's no wonder why roulette has been a staple among casino games for over two hundred years. Try the game for yourself at our own on-site casino in Elko, Nevada!